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ISO9001 Vacuum Multiple Effect Falling Film Evaporator

ISO9001 Vacuum Multiple Effect Falling Film Evaporator

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    HANPU multiple effect falling film evaporator


    ISO9001 multiple effect falling film evaporator


    440V multiple effect vacuum evaporator

  • Name
    High Efficient Evaporator
  • Function
    Vacuum Multi Effect Falling Film Evaporator
  • Characteristic
    Falling Film Evaporator
  • Process
    Evaporation Crystallizer
  • Application
    Food & Beverage,Chemical,Pharmaceutical
  • Material
    Stainless Steel 304/316L
  • Power Source
  • Voltage
  • Core Components
    Evaporator,vacuum Pump
  • Warranty
    1 Year
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 set
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Bulk with includes fixtures
  • Delivery Time
    3 months
  • Payment Terms
    T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P
  • Supply Ability
    1 set/90days

ISO9001 Vacuum Multiple Effect Falling Film Evaporator

High efficient factory price vacuum multi effect falling film evaporator/evaporation crystallizer


Multiple Effect Evaporation

The multiple effect evaporation processes can optimise the energy efficiency of facilities through the recycling of vapour.



The vapour supplied during the first effect produces the vapour at a lower pressure. These vapours are then used in a second effect as a vapour heating steam.

The number of effects vary and can go right up to 8. The number of effects is chosen according to the investment and operating cost.

The vapours at the outlet of the last effect should be condensed.


Example Parallel flow principle

The solution enters the evaporator circuit of the first stage. Here it mixes with the circulated solution and is heated in heater H with steam. In the evaporator V1, solvent (water) evaporates while cooling the solution to the boiling temperature. The solution then flows to the second stage, which is operated under reduced pressure and thus at a lower temperature. The vapour generated in the first stage is used as a heating medium for evaporation of the solution in the second stage. This process can be repeated several times depending on the boiling point elevation of the solution and existing frame conditions. The vapour of the last stage is condensed via cooling water. If salt shall be crystallized in the plant, further evaporation concentrates the solution to such an extent that crystals are formed. If desired, the crystals in the suspension can then be separated from the solution and dried.

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Suitable for any type of evaporator

The multiple effect evaporator can be made up of falling film, forced or flash-cooling circulation evaporators.



This technology is great when the cost of vapour is low.


Major Advantages of Multi-effect systems:

Ability to maximize usage of input energy (steam economy)

Reduced energy required to run full system

Reduced condensing load with additional effects (less cooling water needed)

Liquor flow control

Convenient foul condensate collection and processing

Ability to do online cleaning of individual effects

Maximum thermal efficiency with concurrent flow option



Technical parameters of falling film evaporator

Type Single effect Double effect Three effect
Evaporative capacity (kg/h) 300-2000 1200-4000 3600-15000
Feeding material density % According to material
Discharge material density % According to material
Steam pressure 0.5-0.8
Steam consumption / Evaporative capacity(with heat pressure pump) 0.65 0.38 0.28
Evaporating temperature 45-90
Sterilizing temperature 90-110
Cooling water consumption / Evaporative capacity (inlet 20°C, outlet 40°C) 28 11 8
Note: we can design custom product according customer's requirement.


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