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Stainless Steel Multi Effect Evaporator System

Stainless Steel Multi Effect Evaporator System

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    HANPU multi effect evaporator system


    MVR multi effect evaporator system


    Stainless Steel 3 effect evaporator

  • Applicable Industries
    MVR Concentration For Vitamin Products
  • Key Word
    Niacin Mother Liquid Concentration
  • Key Selling Points
    Three-effect Energy Saving MVR Concentration
  • Material
    Stainless Steel 304/316L,
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    Facility Engineers Service Available
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  • Capacity
  • Evaporation Type
    3 Effect Evaporation
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    12 Months
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    Jiangsu province,China
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    1 set
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Stainless Steel Multi Effect Evaporator System

Three-effect Energy saving MVR Concentration for Vitamin Products of Niacin Mother Liquid

Multiple Effect Evaporation

The multiple effect evaporation processes can optimise the energy efficiency of facilities through the recycling of vapour.



The vapour supplied during the first effect produces the vapour at a lower pressure. These vapours are then used in a second effect as a vapour heating steam.

The number of effects vary and can go right up to 8. The number of effects is chosen according to the investment and operating cost.

The vapours at the outlet of the last effect should be condensed.


Suitable for any type of evaporator

The multiple effect evaporator can be made up of falling film, forced or flash-cooling circulation evaporators.



This technology is great when the cost of vapour is low.


Material process

(1) The raw material is delivered to the front primary preheater by the feed pump through the electromagnetic flowmeter, and then enters the top of the primary effect heater through the liquid distributor for primary falling film evaporation and concentration;

(2) The first effect concentrated liquid is transported to the top distributor of the second effect heater by the first effect bottom material circulating pump for secondary falling film evaporation concentration.

(3) The second effect concentrated liquid is transported to the top distributor of the third effect heater by the second effect bottom material circulating pump for third times of falling film evaporation concentration;

(4) Third effect concentrated liquid discharge, according to the online detection of the hydrometer, real-time detection of the material concentration, if the material concentration reaches the set requirements, it will be interconnected with the discharge valve to open the discharge valve and transport the material to the finished product tank, otherwise, it will open the material circulation valve to make the material recycle into the evaporator again for re evaporation.


Steam process

The raw steam enters the primary effect heater for heating evaporation concentration: the secondary steam generated by the primary effect heats the secondary effect, and so on. The secondary steam generated by the third effect enters the end condenser for condensation cooling, and the condensate water is discharged by the condensate pump.


Condensate process

The condensate water produced by the primary effect preheating the materials through the water transfer pipe at the bottom of the shell, to save the consumption of raw steam;

The condensate water produced by the secondary and third effect is discharged by the condensate pump, and the discharge has reached zero pollution. The non condensing gas is connected to the end condenser by the non condensing gas pipe and discharged by the vacuum pump.



1. Evaporation capacity: From 500Kg/h to 80T/h
2. Material: Stainless steel 304 or Stainless steel 316L;
3. Full closed process, fast and low temperature evaporation;
4. Inside pipes are mirror polishing seamless sanitary pipes, so material is not easy to paste on the pipe. It's easy for cleaning;
5. Low steam consumption: 1kg steam can evaporate 3.5-4 kg water;
6. Low evaporation temperature:part of secondary steam can be inhaled into single-effect heater through spray type hot pressure pump. This would make full use of the heat and the evaporation temperature is low.
7. Large concentration ratio: adopt falling film evaporation, which make the material liquid with larger viscosity be easy to flow and evaporate, hard to scale, short concentration time, the concentration ratio can reach to 1:5.
8. This equipment can realize automatic production, intellectual system management, which is in conformity with GMP standard.
9. Can be designed into different technological process according to the different characteristics of the materials and different users' requirements.


Typical three effect falling film evaporator specifications and technical parameters:



HP-3.0 HP-4.5 HP-6.0 HP-9.0 HP-12.0 HP-15 HP-20 HP-24 HP-30 HP-50



3000 4500 6000 9000 12000 15000 20000 24000 30000 50000

Consumption of

raw steam(kg/hr)

900 1350 1800 2700 3600 4500 4500 7200 9000 15000

Vacuum degree of

each effect










Evaporation temperature of

each effect










Steam pressure for


0.6-1.0(Absolute pressure)
Solid content in feed(%) 6-7(Corn pulp example)
Solid content outlet(%) 42-48(Corn pulp example)


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