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Multiple Effect MVR Dimple Plate Evaporator

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Multiple Effect MVR Dimple Plate Evaporator
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Core Components: PLC, Engine, Bearing, Gearbox, Motor, Pressure Vessel, Gear
Power Source: Steam
Voltage: 220/380/440V
Name: Pillow Plate Falling Film Vacuum Evaporator
Characteristic: Reduce Steam Consumption And Cooling Media Consumption
Key Selling Points: Mvr Evaporator Black Liquor
Welding Technology: Laser Welding
Material: Stainless Steel Or Customized
After Warranty Service: Video Technical Support, Online Support, Spare Parts,
Warranty: 1 Year
High Light:

440V dimple plate evaporator


MVR dimple plate evaporator


CE falling film vacuum evaporator

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: Jiangsu,China
Brand Name: HANPU
Certification: ISO,CE
Model Number: HP-MVR
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Bulk
Delivery Time: 90days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union
Supply Ability: 1 set/month
Product Description

Multiple effect mvr dimple plate evaporator for pulp Black Liquor in paper production field



“Black Liquor” is a by-product of pulp from mills that make products from trees, such as paper. It is currently used to recover cooking chemicals and produce high-pressure steam used in the pulp and paper-making process. It is composed of different ingredients from these processes such as lignin, hemicellulose, sodium hydroxide (NaOH) and sodium sulfide (Na2S). The lignin compound in black liquor can be used to make biofuel but it can be expensive to produce and so fuel made from it is not very common. However, and according to the International Energy Agency (IEA), the future of using black liquor as fuel is promising and it is seen as the fifth most important fuel on earth!


Multiple effect evaporation
It is a system that connects multiple evaporators. Only fresh steam is added to the first effect, and the generated secondary steam is used as the heating steam of latter effet, that is,the heating chamber of the latter effect becomes the condenser of the former seconday steam. By analogy, the last effect is often operated with colling medium. Therefore, multi-effect evaporation not only significantly reduces the consumption of heating steam, but also significantly reduces the consumption of cooling medium.


Main Characteristics
Main driven power of MVR evaporation system is electric energy. Electric energy transfer to mechanical energy and improve the quality of second steam which is more economic than produce or purchase fresh steam.
Under most of the evaporation process, system no need fresh steam during operation. Only need some steam compensation for pre-heating the raw material when heat energy from product discharged or mother liquid cannot be recycled due to process requirement.
No need independent condenser for second steam condensation, so no need circulating cooling water. Water resource and electric energy will be saved.
Compared with traditional evaporators, MVR evaporator temperature difference is much smaller, can achieve moderate evaporation, greatly improve product quality and reduce fouling.
Evaporation temperature of system can be controlled and very suitable for evaporation an concentration of thermal sensitive product.
Lowest energy consumption and operation cost,electricity consumption of one ton water's evaporation is 2.2ks/C.


Name Type series Shell and tube heat exchanger Detachable plate heat exchanger Spiral plate heat exchanger
Operating temperature range <800℃ <800℃ <170℃ <350℃
Maximum pressure <60 bar <200 bar <32 bar <25 bar
Heat transfer coefficient to water[W/m2·℃] 3500 2700 5600 2000
Application of air and water heat exchange fit fit not fit Partial fit
Immersion in tank or water fit Partial fit not fit not fit
Welding of tank and reactor Applicable not applicable not applicable not applicable
Install into the existing reactor and other equipment Flexible application Partial applicable not applicable not applicable
All welded construction Applicable Applicable not applicable not applicable
Heavily contaminated liquids and other applications Applicable Applicable Partial Applicable Applicable
Weight per unit area low high low high
Falling film, condenser and evaporator fit fit Partial fit Partial fit


Working principle

Falling film evaporator is suitable for cooling a large amount of water or liquid to as low as 0.5 ℃. It has high efficiency heat exchange performance and stable and reliable operation. The falling film heat exchanger adopts the world's leading laser welding, and the heat transfer plates are arranged according to a certain plate spacing to form a plate bundle. One side of the plate bundle with a wide channel goes through one fluid, and the other one goes through the plate inside, so as to achieve the heat transfer effect. The heat transfer plate with wide channel design makes the heat exchanger not only have high heat transfer coefficient, but also have the technical characteristics of high temperature and high pressure resistance, dirt resistance, easy cleaning, suitable for polluted liquid or viscous liquid, which is significantly better than the traditional heat exchanger.

Multiple Effect MVR Dimple Plate Evaporator 0


Typical application fields of falling film evaporator
Cold storage of agricultural products, poultry processing, bread processing, food and dairy processing, seafood processing, meat processing, beverage industry, concrete cooling, etc.


Laser welding heat transfer plate
The heat transfer plate is made by automatic laser welding and forming process. Its special pillow structure makes the fluid form the best turbulent state, achieves efficient heat transfer, and has the characteristics of dust resistance, high temperature and high pressure resistance, easy cleaning and so on.



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