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OEM Beer Fermentation Dimple Jacket Heat Exchanger For Tank

OEM Beer Fermentation Dimple Jacket Heat Exchanger For Tank

  • High Light

    OEM dimple jacket heat exchanger


    CE dimple jacket heat exchanger


    JIS pillow sheet heat exchanger

  • Product Name
    Dimple Jacketed Heat Exchanger
  • Processing
    Fermenting Equipment
  • Material
    Stainless Steel
  • Certification
  • Welding Technology
    Laser Welding
  • Application
    Stainless Steel Tank, Bucket
  • Shape Mode
    Single Or Double Drum
  • Color
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    100m2(except for the sample)
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Standard export package, polywood, fumigated wood, filmed
  • Delivery Time
    30 days after down payment
  • Payment Terms
    TT,.LC, Western Union
  • Supply Ability
    TT,.LC, Western Union

OEM Beer Fermentation Dimple Jacket Heat Exchanger For Tank

Beer Fermentation Dimple Jacketed heat exchanger for Tank OEM Manufacturer

Working principle
The plate heat exchangers are made of stainless steel and are ideal for the indirect heating and cooling of process liquids in plants or tanks. They are manufactured to the specific requirements of each customer. They transfer the thermal energy between the heat exchanger medium that flows through the heat exchanger and the process liquid.
The process liquid in the container circulates around the plate heat exchanger and is heated up to the desired working temperature and maintained. If heat is generated in a process (for example by a rectifier or an exothermic reaction), this can be cooled down by the heat exchangers. For heating applications hot water, steam, saturated steam and thermal oil can be used as a heat exchanger medium. Water, salt solutions and glycol are suitable for cooling.


Process Type
1. Two sheets of steel are overlapped and welded by laser. Laser ring welding is used in the middle of the sheet and two laser welding seals are used around the edge.
2. Injecting high-pressure liquid between plates makes the plates expand and deform under pressure, forming a hollow plate heat exchanger with uneven surface.



1. Available in most materials, like stainless steel 304, 316L, 2205 and titanium
2. High operating pressures
3. High operating temperatures
4. No gaskets required
5. Corrosion resistant
6. Easily formed to fit the shape you need
7. Cutouts are easily provided
8. Thermally efficient types of heat transfer
9. Immersion heating and cooling.
10. Clamp-on heating, cooling, and temperature maintenance
11. Integral jacketing for heating and cooling
12. Custom heat exchanger design


Technical parameters

Product Name Pillow plate heat exchanger
Material Stainless Steel
Color Nickel White
Grade SUS201,SUS304,SUS316,DSS2205
Overview double pillow embossed plate material ratios

Pillow plate 0.8mm+0.8mm pillow plate 1.0mm+1.0mm

Pillow plate1.2mm+1.2mm

Pillow plate1.5mm+1.5mm

Pillow plate2.0mm+2.0mm

Overview single pillow embossed plate material ratios Pillow plate 0.8 mm + 2.0 mm base plate
pillow plate 1.0 mm + 2.5 mm base plate
pillow plate 1.2 mm + 4.0 tot 15 mm base plate
pillow plate 1.5 mm + 4.0 tot 15 mm base plate
pillow plate 2.0 mm + 5.0 tot 15 mm base plate


1. Wide-channel plate-shell heat exchanger:
Specially designed for working conditions with larger particles or higher viscosity, the medium can fully flow in the runner
without blockage under the above working conditions. Generally, the solid medium goes between the plates without contacts, and the
clean medium goes through the plate cavity with contacts:
Flow resistance is small and scaling is not easy.
High heat transfer coefficient.
Easy to clean.
2. Plate heat recovery unit:
It is a special case of plate and shell heat exchanger, which is used to recover various waste steam and waste heat.
3. Chill System:
Used as evaporator in refrigeration system
Falling film ice water machine
Large Slip Ice Maker

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OEM Beer Fermentation Dimple Jacket Heat Exchanger For Tank 1

Processing equipment

OEM Beer Fermentation Dimple Jacket Heat Exchanger For Tank 2


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