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Welded Pillow Plate Multiple Effect Evaporation System

Welded Pillow Plate Multiple Effect Evaporation System

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    AISI 304 Multiple Effect Evaporation System


    220V Multiple Effect Evaporation System


    CE multi effect vacuum evaporator

  • Applicable Industries
    Food & Beverage Factory, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Textile, Dyeing, Breweries
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    Online Support, Spare Parts
  • Core Components
    PLC, Engine, Gearboxa, Motor, Pressure Tank
  • Key Selling Points
    Welded Pillow Plate Evaporator
  • Plate Material
  • Process
    Vacuum Distillation, Separation
  • Power Source
    Steam Or Electric
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  • Inside Surface
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    1 Year
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    1 set
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    Package with strong strap
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    3 months
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    T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P
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    1 set/90days

Welded Pillow Plate Multiple Effect Evaporation System

Welded Pillow Plate Multi Effect Evaporator Manufacturer used in Various industry

What is the MEE(Multi-effect Evaporation) System?

The multi-effect evaporator system is a system in which multiple single-effect evaporators are connected in series to achieve continuous evaporation. Since evaporation is a process that consumes a large amount of steam to generate secondary steam, in order to make full use of the waste heat of steam, generally the previous secondary steam is introduced into the next effect as a heat source. This maximizes energy utilization efficiency while ensuring evaporation.

The selection of the number of stages of the multi-effect evaporator depends on various factors such as the specific material properties, the concentration of the incoming and outgoing materials, the temperature, and the energy consumption cost. Generally speaking, more stages will result in lower steam consumption. We are also committed to providing multi-effect evaporators and solutions suitable for various materials.



Multiple Effect Evaporators are widely used in the following areas as per the requirement.

Effluent Treatment: Industries like Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Textile, Dyeing, Breweries, Automobiles, Milk, Food industries etc, generates process effluents which are harmful to the environment. These effluents generally consist of water in huge amount and waste(contaminants). By evaporating the water from the effluent using MEE system results in the recycling of water.

Desalination: Reject of RO (Reverse Osmosis) have a huge amount of water. With MEE the water can be recycled.

Chemical Industry/ Pharma Industry: For the production of product the desired concentration is required or desired material need to be separated. Using MEE system desired concentration is achieved.

Milk Industry: Milk can be concentrated in the MEE system.

Sugar Industry: Sugar cane juice can be concentrated with MEE system.

Food industries: Tomato juice concentration, Sausages, Fruit juice concentration can be done in MEE system.

Advantages: Evaporation can be achieved with low consumption of heat source.



The proven, our patented falling film plate evaporators offer major advantages over other technologies in the market, such as:

Optimal filming – the Patented plate design offers a constant liquor redistributive feature, which ensures consistent film quality across heating surfaces.

Accessible heating surfaces – Our parallel plate design allows for convenient viewing of all surfaces for inspection and cleaning.

Full steam control – Our flexible plate design allows us to optimize every effect in every system, this is achieved thorough geometry control to ensure optimal vapor velocities and pressure drops.

Flexible System Arrangements – The design control with CNC laser welded plates gives us the ability to produce virtually any plate size, and this freedom allows us optimized plate packages to effectively work within limited footprints or heights.

For more information related to the plate design please contact us,thank you!



The operation of the two evaporation processes for the treatment of wheat straw pulp black liquor is shown in the table.

Operation of two evaporation processes for treating paper pulp black liquor

item 5 effect station combined evaporation process
MVR pre concentration 5-effect evaporation station
Evaporation water (t/h) 100 64.28 35.72
Incoming concentration(%) 10 10 20
Out concentration(%) 45 20 45
Evaporator area(㎡) 10000 8500 4000
Condenser area(㎡) 800 / 300
Consumption Steam (t/h) 25 / 9
Electricity(kWh/h) 500 1600 180
Water(t/h) 900 / 350
Running cost RMB/hour 4500 960 1633
RMB/T water evaporation capacity 45 25.93
RMBx10000/Day 10.8 6.2
RMBx10000/Year(340days) 3672 2115

Note:In operation cost estimation:steam 150rmb/t,electricity 0.6 rmb/kWh,water 0.5rmb/t.


The investment of combined evaporation process equipment increased: evaporator (2500 m2) 375x10000 RMB; MVR compressor 400x10000rmb, total 775x10000 RMB

Annual operating cost reduction of combined evaporation process: 3672-2115 = 1557 (10000RMB)

Investment increase payback period of combined evaporation process: 755 ÷ 1557=0.5year

It can be seen that taking the scale of 100t / h as an example, the combined evaporation process can recover the increased investment in half a year, and save 1557 (10000 RMB) every year in the future, with considerable economic benefits.


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