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Juice Concentration Multiple Effect Evaporation System

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Juice Concentration Multiple Effect Evaporation System
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Applicable Industries: Food,beverage,mango Juice / Sugar Cane Juice
Power Source: Steam,electricity
Material: Stainless Steel / Titanium Evaporator
Main Uses: Water Evaporation
Product Name: Multy Effect Evaporator
Process: Vacuum Concentration
Advantage: Consumption Saving,low Run Expense
Condition: New
After Warranty Service: Video Technical Support, Online Support, Spare Parts,
Warranty Of Core Components: 1 Year,12months
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Juice Multiple Effect Evaporation System


Food Multiple Effect Evaporation System


Juice Concentration MEE system

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: Jiangsu,China
Brand Name: HANPU
Certification: CE,ISO9001
Model Number: HP-MEE
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Package with strong strap
Delivery Time: 3 months
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P
Supply Ability: 1 Set/3 months
Product Description

Multi effect evaporator MEE system for concentration of juice /mango juice / sugar cane juice

Multi effect evaporation basic introduction

The multi effect falling film evaporator uses the falling film evaporation principle to heat and boil the dilute solution to vaporize part of the water, so as to achieve the purpose of concentrating the solution. The unit adopts continuous production process. It has the advantages of large concentration ratio (1 / 5-1 / 10), wide viscosity range (< 400CP), good heat transfer effect and large treatment capacity. It is suitable for evaporation of heat sensitive, high concentration, high viscosity and corrosive materials. It is suitable for corn pulp and maltose juice in starch industry, juice and flavored semen in food industry and milk in dairy industry, Concentration of distiller's grains filtrate in sugar industry and alcohol industry.


The unit has large heat transfer coefficient and small heat transfer temperature difference. According to the different characteristics of evaporation materials and evaporation targets, it can be combined into double effect, three effect, four effect and five effect evaporation systems. It can also use the waste steam from the top of tube bundle or disc dryer and other low calorific value heat sources (such as condensate steam) as the heat source of evaporator to become waste heat evaporator, which can greatly reduce the consumption of raw steam and achieve the maximum energy saving effect. When there is sufficient supply of waste heat steam, no steam will be needed at all, and remarkable economic benefits can be achieved.


Material process

(1)  The raw material is delivered to the front primary preheater by the feed pump through the electromagnetic flowmeter, and then enters the top of the primary effect heater through the liquid distributor for primary falling film evaporation and concentration;

(2)  The first effect concentrated liquid is transported to the top distributor of the second effect heater by the first effect bottom material circulating pump for secondary falling film evaporation concentration.

(3)  The second effect concentrated liquid is transported to the top distributor of the third effect heater by the second effect bottom material circulating pump for third times of falling film evaporation concentration;

(4)  Third effect concentrated liquid discharge, according to the online detection of the hydrometer, real-time detection of the material concentration, if the material concentration reaches the set requirements, it will be interconnected with the discharge valve to open the discharge valve and transport the material to the finished product tank, otherwise, it will open the material circulation valve to make the material recycle into the evaporator again for re evaporation.


Steam process

The raw steam enters the primary effect heater for heating evaporation concentration: the secondary steam generated by the primary effect heats the secondary effect, and so on. The secondary steam generated by the third effect enters the end condenser for condensation cooling, and the condensate water is discharged by the condensate pump.


Condensate process

The condensate water produced by the primary effect preheating the materials through the water transfer pipe at the bottom of the shell, to save the consumption of raw steam;

The condensate water produced by the secondary and third effect is discharged by the condensate pump, and the discharge has reached zero pollution. The non condensing gas is connected to the end condenser by the non condensing gas pipe and discharged by the vacuum pump.



Multiple Effect Evaporators are widely used in the following areas as per the requirement.


Effluent Treatment: Industries like Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Textile, Dyeing, Breweries, Automobiles, Milk, Food industries etc, generates process effluents which are harmful to the environment. These effluents generally consist of water in huge amount and waste(contaminants). By evaporating the water from the effluent using MEE system results in the recycling of water.

Desalination: Reject of RO (Reverse Osmosis) have a huge amount of water. With MEE the water can be recycled.

Chemical Industry/ Pharma Industry: For the production of product the desired concentration is required or desired material need to be separated. Using MEE system desired concentration is achieved.


Juice Concentration Multiple Effect Evaporation System 0

Milk Industry: Milk can be concentrated in the MEE system.

Sugar Industry: Sugar cane juice can be concentrated with MEE system.

Food industries: Tomato juice concentration, Sausages, Fruit juice concentration can be done in MEE system.

Advantages: Evaporation can be achieved with low consumption of heat source.


Type Single effect Double effect Three effect
Evaporative capacity (kg/h) 300-2000 1200-4000 3600-15000
Feeding material density % According to material
Discharge material density % According to material
Steam pressure 0.5-0.8
Steam consumption / Evaporative capacity(with heat pressure pump) 0.65 0.38 0.28
Evaporating temperature 45-90
Sterilizing temperature 90-110
Cooling water consumption / Evaporative capacity (inlet 20°C, outlet 40°C) 28 11 8
Note: we can design custom product according customer's requirement.


Working principle

Juice Concentration Multiple Effect Evaporation System 1



 Advanced production equipment


Juice Concentration Multiple Effect Evaporation System 2

Juice Concentration Multiple Effect Evaporation System 3

Juice Concentration Multiple Effect Evaporation System 4


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