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Chemical Two Stage Pusher Centrifuge Industry Salt Dewatering Fully Automatic

Chemical Two Stage Pusher Centrifuge Industry Salt Dewatering Fully Automatic

  • High Light

    Chemical Two Stage Pusher Centrifuge


    Automatic Dewatering Pusher Centrifuge


    Industry Salt Dewatering Centrifuge

  • Name
    Pusher Centrifuge
  • Brand
  • Application
    Chemical Industry
  • Function
    Remove The Water From Salt Mixture
  • Certificate
  • Warranty
    1 Year
  • Operation
    Fully Automatic
  • Bearing
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    CE ISO
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    standard exported wooden case
  • Delivery Time
    45-60 working days
  • Supply Ability
    50sets per months

Chemical Two Stage Pusher Centrifuge Industry Salt Dewatering Fully Automatic

New condition and chemical industry salt dewatering centrifuge two stage pusher centrifuge


PP Series horizontal pusher centrifuge is a kind of perforated basket centrifuge, both continuous and effective. The mixture to be separated is fed through the feeding pipe and the distributor continuously and evenly into the first stage basket. Most of the mother-liquor in the feed, acted on by centrifugal force, departs through the sieves into the liquor-collecting casing where it will be discharged out of the machine. The first stage basket rotates and reciprocate, pushing the formed product cake into the second stage basket .The cake can have sufficient retardation in the centrifuge with being acted on by more centrifugal force, and therefore, the desired humidity of the cake can be guaranteed. Afterwards, the cake is continuously discharged out of the basket. In case of high purity for the solid product, the effective washing can be carried out in the centrifuge. If necessary, the washing agent and the mother-liquor can be discharged separately.






HR400-N HR500-N HR630-N HR800-N HR1000-N
Inner/Outside basket diameter(mm) 337/400 410/500 560/630 720/800 920/1000

Length of filtering(mm)

(Inner/Outside basket)

160/160 180/180 240/240 300/300 240/320
Inner/Outside basket Speed(r/min) 1500-2200 1200-2000 1000-1800 800-1600 650-1250
Separating factor 503-1083 402-1118 352-1140 286-1145 236-875



1. Continuous operation, large production capacity and stable operation.
2. The separation factor is high, the material can be fully dehydrated in the primary and secondary drums, and the moisture content of the filter cake is very low.
3. When the purity of the solid product is required, it can be effectively washed, and the washing liquid and mother liquor can be discharged separately.
4. Low power consumption.



Pusher centrifuges are suitable for separating the suspension with solid particle size of more than 0.08mm, with the concentration rate of over 40%, and suitable for chemical industry, fertilizer, salt and alkali production.



Chemical Two Stage Pusher Centrifuge Industry Salt Dewatering Fully Automatic 0

Chemical Two Stage Pusher Centrifuge Industry Salt Dewatering Fully Automatic 1



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