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Industrial Water Distiller Vacuum Evaporation Machine TVR Evaporator

Industrial Water Distiller Vacuum Evaporation Machine TVR Evaporator

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    TVR Evaporator
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    Stainless Steel
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    Laser Welding
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    Beverage And Milk Evaporator
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    1 Year
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    CE ISO
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    Film + standard exported wooden case
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    45-60 working days.
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Industrial Water Distiller Vacuum Evaporation Machine TVR Evaporator

Industrial Water Distiller Vacuum Evaporation Machine TVR Evaporator



TVR evaporator system is improved compared to the system that directly discharges secondary steam. It uses a jet heat pump to recover part of the secondary steam. Since the jet heat pump 1kg high-pressure steam can only eject 0.3kg of secondary steam, so although this system is simple and compact, its energy efficiency is relatively low. The common forms of heat pump evaporation are generally the above-mentioned jet heat pump evaporation (TVR) and direct compression secondary steam mechanical compression heat pump evaporation (MVR). In recent years, due to the significant progress in engineering materials, structure and manufacturing technology and With the rise of energy prices, mechanical compression heat pumps have become more and more important. Heat pumps are widely used for the evaporation and concentration of various dilute solutions. In actual industrial production, the use of heat pump evaporation technology has proved to be very economical. The heat pump device only needs to consume a small amount of high-quality energy to obtain more heat energy, which reduces the waste of energy. In most applications, the energy consumption of heat pump evaporation is much lower than that of single-effect or multi-effect evaporation, and the use of heat pump technology can replace a large number of boiler rooms, saving fuel, reducing atmospheric pollution, and reducing the use of waste heat. As a result of heat pollution, the city’s environmental sanitation is bound to be improved, and it is also beneficial to the ecological balance. Heat pump evaporation is a very reliable evaporation method with low energy consumption. Due to energy saving and stability, it has been widely used in the chemical process.




10T/h Evaporator running cost compare  
Name MVR evaporator Triple-effect evaporator  
Steam consumption cost 0.6(material pre-heating steam consumption)t/h×180RMB/t=108RMB/h [4.0+0.6(material pre-heating steam consumption)]t/h×180RMB/t=828RMB/h  
Electric charge 500kw/h×0.80RMB/kw=400RMB/h 160kw/h×0.80RMB/kw=128RMB/h  
Recovery of condensed water 10.6t/h×3RMB/t=32RMB/h 14.6t/h×3RMB/t=44RMB/h  
Operation cost per hour 108+400-32=476RMB/h 828+128-44=912RMB/h  
Annual operating cost 476RMB/h×24h×300day=3427200RMB 912RMB/h×24h×300day=6566400RMB  
Annual operating cost difference:6566400-3427200=3139200RMB



The MVR forced circulation evaporation system consists of the main equipment of the evaporator, separator and forced circulation pump, and steam compressor. The material exchanges heat with the steam outside the tube in the tube of the evaporator, and the temperature rises; the solution after the temperature rise is divided into two phases of steam and solution, and the steam rises to the separator, and the demister separates the liquid entrained in the steam. The droplets are purified and sent to the compressor. The compressor compresses the steam and transports it to the evaporator shell for heating steam to realize secondary steam recycling and continuous evaporation. Evaporation produces secondary steam overflowing from the material, the material is concentrated into supersaturated material, crystallized, and the crystal slurry is output from the circulation pipeline by the discharge pump; the mother liquor enters the forced circulation pump, enters the evaporator under the action of the circulation pump, and then evaporates. This cycle is continuously evaporated to concentrate and crystallize. It has the following advantages: 1. Suitable for materials with high viscosity, 2. Materials with particles; 3. High concentration ratio; 4. High flow rate of pipeline, not easy to dry wall or scale.




Evaporation and concentration for process industry
1)food fermentation (aginomoto, citric acid, starch and sugar)
2)pharmacy (traditional Chinesemedicine preparation, low temperature concentration of western medicine)
3)fine chemical (pesticide, synthetic dyes, organic pigments, paints, spice and essence, cosmetic)
4)chlorine chemical (salt water concentration)
5)seawater desalt
6)metallurgical in


"zero release" solution for industrial waste water
1)Ammonia and chloride waster water, multiple inorganic salt waster water
2)electroplating waste water
3)printing and dyeing waste water
4)food industry waste water
5)paper waste water
6)petrochemical, metallurgy waste water



Industrial Water Distiller Vacuum Evaporation Machine TVR Evaporator 0Industrial Water Distiller Vacuum Evaporation Machine TVR Evaporator 1



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