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CE Automatic Thermal Vapour Recompression System

CE Automatic Thermal Vapour Recompression System

  • High Light

    thermal vapour recompression system


    TVR thermal vapour recompression system


    TVR evaporation system

  • Applicable Industries
    Automatic System
  • Power Source
    Jet Thermo Compressors
  • Key Words
    Local Service
  • Voltage
    220V/380V/480V Or As Request
  • Material
    Stainless Steel 304,316L
  • Scale
    Industrial Evaporator
  • Characteristic
    Reduce Steam Consumption
  • Packaging Details
    Inner Anti-collision Broken Plastic,outer Wooden Case.
  • Vacuum Degree
    Adjustable As Required
  • Feature
    High Heat Transfer Coefficient
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 set
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Bulk with strap
  • Delivery Time
    90 days
  • Payment Terms
    T/T, D/A, D/P, Western Union
  • Supply Ability
    1 set/ 3 months

CE Automatic Thermal Vapour Recompression System

Automatic Thermal Vapor Recompression TVR Evaporation System with local service


Thermal Vapor Recompression (TVR)

A method to reduce the energy consumption of a steam heated evaporator system.

Uses high pressure steam as the motive fluid to a steam ejector, to entrain recycled lower pressure steam and discharge the combined steam at a more useful intermediate pressure.

The vapor compression cycle relies on the condensation temperature of the lower pressure steam increasing with the increase in pressure.


Process description

The solution is preheated with condensate and enters the evaporation circuit. Here it mixes with the circulated solution and is warmed up in heater H. In the evaporator V, solvent (water) evaporates while cooling the solution to the boiling temperature. The resulting vapour steam is compressed to a higher pressure and temperature level by the steam jet pump with the help of steam, so that it can be used as a heating medium for heating the circulated solution. The excess vapour is condensed. If salt shall be crystallized in the plant, further evaporation concentrates the solution to such an extent that crystals are formed. If desired, the crystals in the suspension can then be separated from the solution and dried.



Only a fraction of the evaporation energy has to be used in the form of live steam.

Low investment costs.

Retrofitting in existing plants is possible.

Suitable for various applications.



Long production runs due to high hygienic standards

Proven technology

Fully cleanable (Cleaning in Place)


TVR evaporator

Water evaporation capacity (T / h)



This equipment is a continuous concentration equipment, which is composed of TVP steam heat pump, heating tube, evaporation chamber, condenser, vacuum pump, circulating discharge pump and operation platform. It is suitable for concentration in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, bioengineering, environmental engineering, waste liquid recovery and other industries. This equipment adopts TVR heat pump technology, so as to save a lot of energy. Adding TVR heat pump can save energy, at least equivalent to one more effect, that is, the steam consumption of four effect + TVR is basically the same as that of five effect.


Performance Comparison for Different Evaporator
Item Single effect evaporator multi-effect evaporator TVR evaporator MVR evaporator
Energy consumption energy consumption is much higher than others, 1ton water will consume 1Ton steam in theory comparatively energy conservation Base on traditional multi-effect evaporator, one more effect added, but higher pressure steam driven needed The most energy saving technology for evaporator, but 10-40kwh power consumption
Floor space Small large large small
Energy sources steam & power, need steam pipe network and boiler steam & power, need steam pipe network and boiler steam & power, need steam pipe network and boiler, need high pressure steam. electricity, don't need pipe network, all the close-loop circulation system
Automaticity Semi automatic Full automatic operation, continuous evaporation Full automatic operation, continuous evaporation Full automatic operation, continuous evaporation


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