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Edible Salt Production Line Crushing Washing Refinery Plant

Edible Salt Production Line Crushing Washing Refinery Plant

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    Edible Salt Production Line


    SS316 Salt Production Line


    Edible salt production machine

  • Product Type
    Machines For Edible Salt Refining Plant
  • Characteristic
    Salt Crushing Washing Refinery
  • Operation
  • Key Selling Points
    Long Service Life
  • Production Capacity
  • MOC
    SS304,SS316,DUPLEX SS
  • Machinery Test Report
  • Main Power
  • Main Parts
    Screw Washer,fluidized Dryer Bed,centrifuge
  • Warranty Of Core Components
    1 Year
  • Place of Origin
    Jiangsu Province,China
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  • Certification
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  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 set
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    bulk with strong strap
  • Delivery Time
    90 days
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union
  • Supply Ability
    1 set / 90days

Edible Salt Production Line Crushing Washing Refinery Plant

China Automatic Machines for Edible Salt Crushing Washing Refinery Plant

Salt Washing

We has designed a unique washing system that is based in salt and brine countercurrent system in a custom designed screw. The washing process allows to identify soluble and insoluble impurities in raw salt using an advanced countercurrent brine system.

The washing and purification system is based in a mechanical principle of pure brine washing to increase purity of the salt crystals.


Salt centrifuge

After the Washing process the salt goes into a centrifuge system with the latest centrifuge technology in order to further wash and purify the crystals while reducing humidity of the product in the process.

Salt centrifuges allow for precise liquid-solid separation process. A continuous separation process engineered to combine high availability with minimum maintenance.


Salt drying

we have developed our own Fluid Bed dryer technology, designed to provide continuous drying solutions for all types of salts (sea salt, rock salt, vacuum and/or lake salts). Manufactured in the best materials for resistance and avoiding corrosion.

Our drying system allows to dry and cool Salt using a combination of airspeed and mechanical motions to treat each particle efficiently and with minimum dust formation. By shacking the product up and down we achieve a uniform drying result with shorter time and lower temperature.


Crushing technology

We has also engineered a crushing process to control the size of the Salt grain. With our horizontal roller crushers, the product goes in a vertical flow and the machine allows to control de crystal size. Our crushing and grinding machines are produced with high quality stainless steel and allow the operator to adjust the size of the crystal that will go out of the process.


Iodine& additives

we do offer a machinery range to add additives in Salt. It can be either Iodine, Fluor or anti-caking. The solution is a linear system that pulverizes the additive in the production a uniform way in order to obtain the Iodized Salt without any problem. Our process guarantees a perfect distribution of additives in the Salt crystals and meets the highest food and grocery standards required for food-grade distribution.

We also support through our equipment supply the global and national iodine programs, working with key public, private, scientific and civic stakeholders. We focus on universal salt iodization as the most cost-effective and sustainable solution for prevention of iodine deficiency disorders.


Feature of the plant

For less salt loss, washing process is carried out in conjunction with countercurrent washing technology.

Iodine or other additives are added according to customer needs.

After drying, screening process is applied to classify granules in different


Spiral Salt Washer Description

Spiral salt washer is used for salt transportation and washing. Salt is spiraldriven for agitated washing and transportation. Wash liquid is sprayed into at the middle of washer for countercurrent washing. Suspending impurities flow out from overflow channel and precipitated impurities is periodically discharged from bottom dirty removing valve. It structure is similar to those of spiral conveyers. It is used for washing up-middle sized salt with better effect being the optimized selection for washing soluble impurities and in-soluble materials.


Spiral Salt Washer Specification:

Model Capacity(t/h) Power(kw) Spiral strip diameter (mm) Inclined angle
HP45 3-5 3.7 Φ480 15
HP62 8-12 5.5 Φ620 15
HP78 14-16 7.5 Φ780 15


Edible Salt Production Flow Chart

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