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Automatic Iodized Salt Making Machine Salt Production Line

Automatic Iodized Salt Making Machine Salt Production Line

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    iodized salt making machine


    Automatic iodized salt making machine


    iodized Salt Production Line

  • Name
    Automatic Salt Plant Machine
  • Process Type
    Iodized Salt Refining Processing
  • Function
    Advanced Salt Plant Machine
  • Raw Material
    Raw Crude Salt
  • Finished Products
    Edible Salt,table Salt
  • Voltage
    380V 50Hz,or Customized
  • Capacity
  • Material
  • After Warranty Service
    Field Maintenance And Online Technical Support
  • Warranty
    12 Months,1 Year
  • Place of Origin
    Jiangsu Province,China
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 set
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    bulk with strong strap
  • Delivery Time
    90 days
  • Payment Terms
    T/T, D/P, D/A, L/C
  • Supply Ability
    1 set / 3 months

Automatic Iodized Salt Making Machine Salt Production Line

Advanced automatic iodized salt refining processing plant machine

Salt Refining Process Description
The Raw Salt will be loaded to the hopper through which it will enter the Special Washing System. The flow rate will be measured here and controlled to set it as per the pre-decided rate based on the purity of raw salt. In the Screw Washery, the major portion of the impurities will be removed. The washed salt will enter the wet Mill Section (Grinding/ Hammer Mill). The brine is added here to give slurry output from the mill. The output is tanked into a slurry tank where further brine is added. The slurry is then pumped to the Elutriation tank for washing. The washed slurry is then transferred to Thickener and decanted brine is transferred to the clarifier by means of Elutriation & wash tank. From here the clear brine is transferred to the brine tank and remaining to the settling pond. Here at settling pond, the settled mud is drained and the upper layer of clear brine is pumped to the Screw Washery. The Salt after removal of water in Thickener is fed to the Centrifuge. In Thickener, the slurry concentration achieved is 50%.
The salt will then be centrifuged to liquid form and it will be conveyed through the blender cum screw conveyor and belt to fluidized bed dryer.
Then dry and cooled salt Will travel to Vibro screen through bucket elevator.
After screening, the undersize will be conveyed to a blender cum screw conveyor. Here the Free Flow Agent will be mixed at a specified and predetermined flow rate.
The blender cum conveyor will mix the content well and convey the same to a silo. The finished goods from the silo bottom will be conveyed and distributed by a screw conveyor to Packing Machines. Then the pouches of 1.0 Kg. will be sealed. Another conveyor will carry the refined salt to the bagging and stitching machine where it will be packed in 50Kg bags.
Production process flow
Sea Lake Salt Production Line is a set of equipment that our factory has meticulously developed for crude raw sea salt and lake salt.
Various capacity is available for buyer's different requirement (3-30t/h or customized).
Three washing is as follows:
First Screw washing
Stand-up stirring washing
Countercurrent washing
Three crushing is as follows:
First crushing
Wet crushing
Dry crushing
The combination of first crushing, wet crushing and dry crushing has greatly improved the salt quality. The above operation is adjustable according to the crude salt and user's requirements on finished salt quality.
Finished has high purity, shiny appearance, free liquidity and stable iodine content.
Low loss, the loss of NaCl is under 8%.
Low energy consumption and investment.
Equipment is easy to operate and maintain.
The whole line including the following machines:
01) Raw salt stock bin
02) Quantitative spiral conveyor
03) Iron remover
04) Belt conveyor
05) Spiral salt washing machine
06) Salt slurry pump
07) Contranatant washer
08) Stirring salt washing machine
09) Tickening machine
10) Double push centrifuge
11) Salt spiral conveyor
12) Iodized machine
13) Vibrating fluid bed drier
14) Cooling fan
15) System induced fan
16) Cyclone
17) System blower
18) Spray dust catcher
19) Host blast furnace
20) Rotary screen
Main equipment-2 stage pusher centrifuge introduction
HP Series automatic salt production plant is a kind of perforated basket centrifuge, both continuous and effective. The mixture to be separated is fed through the feeding pipe and the distributor continuously and evenly into the first stage basket. Most of the mother-liquor in the feed, acted on by centrifugal force, departs through the sieves into the liquor-collecting casing where it will be discharged out of the machine. The first stage basket rotates and reciprocate, pushing the formed product cake into the second stage basket .The cake can have sufficient retardation in the centrifuge with being acted on by more centrifugal force, and therefore, the desired humidity of the cake can be guaranteed. Afterwards, the cake is continuously discharged out of the basket. In case of high purity for the solid product, the effective washing can be carried out in the centrifuge. If necessary, the washing agent and the mother-liquor can be discharged separately.
Centrifugal Dryers Specification

Equipment 2 stage Pusher Centrifuge
Spec. HP-centrifuge Qty set
Technical Parameters
1 Basket diameter 560/630 mm
2 Basket Rotate Speed (Max) 1360rpm
3 Stroke of Pusher Mechanism 70-80 times/min
4 Separation Factor 570-642
5 Main motor Spec/Power 55 KW
Installation type Horizontal
Protection class IP54/F1
Power supply 3 phase AC, Customized
6 Oil pump motor Spec/Power 30 KW
Installation type Horizontal
Protection class IP54/F1
Power supply 3 phase AC, Customized
7 Oil pump Spec NB5D140F
Outflow 140ml/turn
Max pressure 8 Mpa
8 Dimension 3127mm × 1700mm × 1955mm
9 Weight 4860kg
10 Shell type Open
11 Output ~25T/H
12 Moisture content after separation <4%

Client raw material and prodution site
Automatic Iodized Salt Making Machine Salt Production Line 0
Automatic Iodized Salt Making Machine Salt Production Line 1
Automatic Iodized Salt Making Machine Salt Production Line 2