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Fiber Laser Welded Odm Pillow Plate Stainless Steel Embossed

Fiber Laser Welded Odm Pillow Plate Stainless Steel Embossed

  • High Light

    odm pillow plate


    fiber laser welded pillow plate


    odm stainless steel pillow plates

  • Name
    Heat Transfer Pillow Plate
  • Style
    Pillow Plate
  • Brand
  • Principle
    Large Heat Exchange Area
  • Usage
    Plate Heat Exchanger
  • Keyword
    Plate Heat Exchanger
  • Shape Mode
    Single Or Double Drum
  • Material
    Stainless Steel Or Customized
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    100m2(except for the sample)
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Standard export package, polywood, fumigated wood, filmed
  • Delivery Time
    30 days after down payment
  • Payment Terms
    TT,.LC, Western Union
  • Supply Ability
    30000m2 per month

Fiber Laser Welded Odm Pillow Plate Stainless Steel Embossed

Fiber Lazer Welded New Design Stainless Steel Embossed Laser Welded Pillow Plate



High pressure capacity (≥5MPa) Anti-fouling
Compact structure Can be designed into shape
High heat transfer Low flow resistance
Maximum size of single piece:2000*12000mm Easy to clean


Plate type

1. Pillow plate with a pillow at one side is made when a thin plate is laser welded on a thick plate and during the inflation of the pillow the thick plate does not deform. So a pillow plate where the -2- thin plate has been deformed with a pillow and the thick plate is still flat or in the rolled radius is called a single embossed pillow plate.

2. Pillow Plate with a double bulge on each side is created when two equally thick plates to be welded together, during the inflation of the pillow plate, both plates forming the same. A pillow plate with both sides equally inflated pillows is called “double embossed pillow plate”.



● Plate heat recovery unit:

It is a special case of plate and shell heat exchanger, which is used to recover various waste steam and waste heat.

● Dimple Jacket

It has high bearing capacity and can reach up to 5 MPa by special design.
Fermentation tank
Jacket Reactor
Other Heat Exchange Jacket Tanks

● Chill System

Used as evaporator in refrigeration system
Falling film ice water machine
Large Slip Ice Maker

● Dehumidifier

The dehumidifier is mainly composed of cooler, separator, etc.

● Customized

We can design and fabricate heat transfer elements of various materials and arbitrary shapes to meet your special requirements


Advantages of pillow plates/dimple plates

1. Less chance of leaks due to high quality welding.

2. Higher heat transfer coefficients at lower flow rates.

3. High efficiency in energy transfer/dimple patterns enable better flows resulting in high-energy efficiency.

4. Pillow plate is integrated in the structure,giving it extra strength.

5. According to the application any design is possible.


Advantages of laser welding a dimple jacket are:

1. Faster production with less material.

2. Very strong,reliable,constant high-quality welds.

3. Convenient for the welding of stainless steel,carbon steel,duplex,titanium and numerous other alloys.

4. Less deformation during welding,because of relatively low heat-input by the laser beam.

5. The inside of the tank is not affected.No rework needed,even the protective film can stay on during welding.

6. Unlimited under-plate thickness,as the laser beam only penetrates from one side.

7. As any shape can be designed and welded,tailored solutions can be created.

8. Fully automated welding-process with low cost of labour and high-quality end product.


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