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SS316L NaCl Evaporation System For Sodium Chloride

SS316L NaCl Evaporation System For Sodium Chloride

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    SS316L NaCl Evaporation System


    Falling film NaCl Evaporation System


    Falling film sodium chloride vaporation System

  • Material
    DSS2205, Titanium, SS316L
  • Evaporation Capacity
  • Evaporator
  • Evaporator Type
    Falling Film
  • Location
  • Warranty
    12 Months
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    CE ISO
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Pallet or Wooden case
  • Delivery Time
  • Supply Ability
    1sets per 3 months

SS316L NaCl Evaporation System For Sodium Chloride

 Evaporation System Used For sodium chloride (NaCl) evaporation with Rich Experience

Main features:

The MVR evaporator energy saving technology is the most advanced international technology of evaporator, only need few live steam (When start evaporator need few live steam, during normal running almost no need live steam), which greatly reduce business operating costs, reduce environmental pollution.

Due to adopt compressor supply heat source, there is little temperature difference which compared with traditional evaporator, and can achieve moderate evaporation,greatly improved product quality and reduce fouling.

No need condenser or only need small size condenser, the structure and process are quite simple, it can be full automatic operation, continuous running, safety and reliable.

This evaporator internal system equipped with CIP clean pipeline, which can achieve clean in place, easy to operate and without dead angle.

Liquid material can be evaporated under low temperature (50-100℃) in this evaporator, the liquid material is uniform and without running material, not easy coking, material heating denaturation is minimal.

Due to use of 100% recycling secondary steam latent heat, completely avoid the use of live steam, so greatly reduced steam consumption.

For heat-sensitive materials can be used with vacuum pump, which can be done in close to absolute pressure under vacuum, so as to realize low temperature evaporation, the minimum evaporation temperature can be 50 ℃.

Simple process control and automation——Because of the small amount of fluid retention, the falling film evaporator can be change according to different vacuum degree/feeding capacity/ concentration/ temperature , which is the basic conditions for stable quality of products.

The handling capacity can be up to 100T/h, with advantages such as small floor space, compact structure, stable operation and so on.


Mechanical Vapor Recompression MVR Evaporator consumption compared with traditional evaporation equipment calculated by evaporating 1T water

Name Steam Electric Power Total Cost (RMB)
Evaporation Capacity (kg/h) Consumption (T) Cost (RMB) Consumption (kw) Cost (RMB)  
Single Effect Evaporator 1.1 220 3 2.1 222.1
Double Effect Evaporator 0.55 110 3 2.1 112.1
Three Effect Evaporator 0.4 88 3 2.1 90.1
MVR Evaporator 0.02 4.4 30 21 25.4



Working principle drawing

SS316L NaCl Evaporation System For Sodium Chloride 0



SS316L NaCl Evaporation System For Sodium Chloride 1


SS316L NaCl Evaporation System For Sodium Chloride 2




Part of Reference List

No. User Application Evaporation Capacity Qty
1 Xinhua PHARMACEUTICAL Shouguang Co., Ltd Ammouium Sulfate MVR Concentration 17t/hr 1
2 Jiangxi Tonghe Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd Sodium Chloride MVR Evaporation Crystallization 5t/hr 1
3 Jiangsu Changqing agrochemical Co., Ltd Sodium Chloride MVR Evaporation Crystallization 10t/hr 1
4 Shijiazhuang Haili Fine Chemical Co., Ltd Sodium Chloride MVR Evaporation Crystallization 2t/hr 1
5 Suzhou Keda environmental protection engineering Co., Ltd Sodium Chloride MVR Evaporation Crystallization 1t/hr 1
6 Shijiazhuang hejia health care products Co., Ltd Sodium Chloride MVR Evaporation Crystallization 10t/hr 1
7 Hubei taisheng chemical Co., Ltd Disodium hydrogen Phosphate MVR Evaporation Crystallization 7t/hr 1
8 He'nan Xintiandi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd Ammonium chloride MVR Evaporation crystallization 5t/hr 1
9 Taixing Jinyun dyestuff Co., Ltd Dye MVR Concentration 3t/hr 1
10 Changhuasheng(Taixing)Lithium Battery Material Co., Ltd Sodium Chloride MVR Evaporation Crystallization 5t/hr 1
11 Jiujiang fuda industry Co., Ltd Ammonium Sulfate Evaporation Crystallization 28t/hr 1
12 Zhejiang Jinke Peroxide Co., Ltd Saline-alkali Evaporation crystallization 10t/hr 1
13 LLC TD HALMEK Lithium hydroxide single effect crystallization system 4t/hr 1
14 Zhejiang xinhecheng special material Co., Ltd Sodium chloride + sodium acetate evaporation crystallization 6t/hr 2
15 Jiangxi Brother Medicine Co., Ltd Nicotinic acid three-effect evaporation concentration 9t/hr 1
16 Zhejiang Gramineae Technology Co., Ltd Sodium chloride evaporation crystallization 3t/hr 1



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