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Laser Welding Enbossed Pillow Plate MVR Evaporators

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Laser Welding Enbossed Pillow Plate MVR Evaporators
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Key Words: Enbossed Pillow Plate Evaporator
Advantage: Saving Energy
Welding Technology: Laser Welding
Voltage: 380V Or Customized
Evaporation Type: Falling Film
Condition: Brand New
Local Service Location: Canada, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States...
Key Selling Points: Pillow Plate Heat Exchanger
After-sales Service: Commissioning And Training
Guaranteen: 12 Months
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Laser Welding MVR evaporators


Enbossed MVR evaporators


mechanical recompression evaporator

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: Jiangsu,China
Brand Name: HANPU
Certification: CE,ISO9001
Model Number: HP-MVR
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Bulk with strap
Delivery Time: 90 days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union
Supply Ability: 1 set/ 90days
Product Description

Saving Energy Industrial Laser welding Enbossed Pillow Plate Evaporator in MVR Evaporatotion System


MVR Description

Mechanical vaporization re-compression system, which is called MVR which principle is to compress the second steam generated by evaporator by high efficiency steam compressor; this process transfers electric energy to heating energy and higher the pressure and temperature of second steam. The second steam with higher temperature will be sent to evaporation room to heat the product for evaporation. So the latent heat of vaporization of the second steam can be circularly used. Making use of less energy which is the mechanical energy of compressor blade wheel as the compression heat pump, energy is added into the heating medium and is circularly used in heating process. Under this circumstance, no need to add first steam as heating medium.


Main features:

The MVR evaporator energy saving technology is the most advanced international technology of evaporator, only need few live steam (When start evaporator need few live steam, during normal running almost no need live steam), which greatly reduce business operating costs, reduce environmental pollution.

Due to adopt compressor supply heat source, there is little temperature difference which compared with traditional evaporator, and can achieve moderate evaporation,greatly improved product quality and reduce fouling.

No need condenser or only need small size condenser, the structure and process are quite simple, it can be full automatic operation, continuous running, safety and reliable.

This evaporator internal system equipped with CIP clean pipeline, which can achieve clean in place, easy to operate and without dead angle.

Liquid material can be evaporated under low temperature (50-100℃) in this evaporator, the liquid material is uniform and without running material, not easy coking, material heating denaturation is minimal.

Due to use of 100% recycling secondary steam latent heat, completely avoid the use of live steam, so greatly reduced steam consumption.

For heat-sensitive materials can be used with vacuum pump, which can be done in close to absolute pressure under vacuum, so as to realize low temperature evaporation, the minimum evaporation temperature can be 50 ℃.

Simple process control and automation——Because of the small amount of fluid retention, the falling film evaporator can be change according to different vacuum degree/feeding capacity/ concentration/ temperature , which is the basic conditions for stable quality of products.



MVR Technical Characteristics 

MVR technology uses the generated vapor for heat instead of expensive heat sources

MVR technology does not require a cooling tower, greatly reducing the use of cooling water

MVR technology is more efficient than traditional multi-effect evaporation technology saving energy and reducing operating costs

MVR technology is truly energy-saving, water-saving, environmentally-sound, and helps with resource recycling

MVR technology achieves low-temperature evaporation, greatly reducing the impact on your material

MVR technology system structure is simple, fully-automated, with continuous operation

MVR systems consist of an evaporator, a vapor compressor, separators, pumps, piping, instrumentation, and electrical control components

MVR systems can be designed around simple evaporators or sophisticated falling film tube evaporators

MVR systems can use simple vapor compression or sophisticated roots pumps

MVR systems can have low liquid holdup, or be larger volume tank systems

MVR systems can achieve a variety of evaporation, process design and fluid composition will determine this


Operation cost comparison

The operation of the two evaporation processes for the treatment is shown in the table.

Operation of two evaporation processes for treating paper waste water.


item 5 effect station combined evaporation process
MVR pre concentration 5-effect evaporation station
Evaporation water (t/h) 100 64.28 35.72
Incoming concentration(%) 10 10 20
Out concentration(%) 45 20 45
Evaporator area(㎡) 10000 8500 4000
Condenser area(㎡) 800 / 300
Consumption Steam (t/h) 25 / 9
Electricity(kWh/h) 500 1600 180
Water(t/h) 900 / 350
Running cost RMB/hour 4500 960 1633
RMB/T water evaporation capacity 45 25.93
RMBx10000/Day 10.8 6.2
RMBx10000/Year(340days) 3672 2115

Note:In operation cost estimation:steam 150rmb/t,electricity 0.6 rmb/kWh,water 0.5rmb/t.


The investment of combined evaporation process equipment increased: evaporator (2500 m2) 375x10000 RMB; MVR compressor 400x10000rmb, total 775x10000 RMB

Annual operating cost reduction of combined evaporation process: 3672-2115 = 1557 (10000RMB)

Investment increase payback period of combined evaporation process: 755 ÷ 1557=0.5year


It can be seen that taking the scale of 100t / h as an example, the combined evaporation process can recover the increased investment in half a year, and save 1557 (10000 RMB) every year in the future, with considerable economic benefits.

The handling capacity can be up to 100T/h, with advantages such as small floor space, compact structure, stable operation and so on.


Working principle drawing

Laser Welding Enbossed Pillow Plate MVR Evaporators 0


Our Production Capability and certificate

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