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Pillow Plate Heat Transfer Equipment For Mechanical Vapour Recompression

1 set
Pillow Plate Heat Transfer Equipment For Mechanical Vapour Recompression
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Key Words: Pillow Plate Heat Transfer Equipment
Marketing Type: Customized Type
After Warranty Service: Online Technical Support, Spare Parts
Core Components: Bearing, PLC, Motor, Pump
Voltage: 220V,380V,440V
Application: Forced Circulation Evaporator
Material: Stainless Steel Or Customized
Liquid Flow Rate: Customized
Color: Stainless Steel Color
Condition: Brand New
High Light:

MVR mechanical vapour recompression


mechanical vapour recompression


Pillow Plate evaporator MVR

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: Jiangsu province,China
Brand Name: HANPU
Certification: CE,ISO9001
Model Number: HP-MVR
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Bulk with stronge packing
Delivery Time: 90 days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union
Supply Ability: 1 set/month
Product Description

Customized Pillow plate heat transfer equipment for Mechanical vapor compression(MVR)


MVR Description

Mechanical vaporization re-compression system, which is called MVR which principle is to compress the second steam generated by evaporator by high efficiency steam compressor; this process transfers electric energy to heating energy and higher the pressure and temperature of second steam. The second steam with higher temperature will be sent to evaporation room to heat the product for evaporation. So the latent heat of vaporization of the second steam can be circularly used. Making use of less energy which is the mechanical energy of compressor blade wheel as the compression heat pump, energy is added into the heating medium and is circularly used in heating process. Under this circumstance, no need to add first steam as heating medium.


MVR evaporator components:



The liquid material inside the evaporator heated by steam for evaporation. Choose different type evaporator according to different liquid material features.


use to separate vapor and liquid, according to different liquid features choose different type separator(crystallizer), such as normal separator, gravity separator, special design separator (crystallizer ).

Vacuum system:

Use to keep the whole system vacuum degree, pump some air, fixed gas, liquid entrainment of gas from the evaporator, so as to obtain the whole system stable evaporation process.


Use to transfer liquid and concentrated liquid. According to different liquid features choose different pumps, such as centrifugal pump, displacement pump,screw pump.


Use to compress secondary vapor to supply heating source, improve secondary vapor enthalpy. According to different flow and compression ratio choose different compressor, in the case of pressure rise increase, multistage compressor can be used in series.

Control system:

MVR Evaporation system control center, by regular motor speed, control valve,flow meter, temperature and pressure, to realize automatic evaporation, cleaning, stop operations and so on. Automatic alarm, automatic protection system is not damaged, keep dynamic balance.

Cleaning system:

Different liquid after period of evaporator, there maybe scaling phenomenon, general speaking, 99% of the scale can be removed by adding chemical solvent, and can use CIP clean in situ or disassemble to clean.

Scope of application:

Mechanical vapor compression(MVR) evaporator, suitable for milk, glucose, organic acid, VC, xylose, pharmaceutical, chemical and biological engineering, environmental engineering, waste recycling, paper making, salt industry for low temperature concentration.


Best possible energy efficiency 
Compared to multiple-effect evaporators, MVR evaporators consume considerably less energy.
Non-foaming design
Low vapor velocities inside the evaporator, low shear rates, and the free flow falling film construction are advantages of the design in minimizing foam creation. This is especially important in MVR evaporators, not only to maximize the production of clean condensate, but also for protection of the compressor or fan.
Non-plugging design
Uniform liquor distribution of the liquor over the lamellas, and the continuous redistribution of the liquor created by the dimpled shape of the lamella surface, ensure a completely wetted heating surface and eliminate local scaling or over-concentration of liquor. The lamella heating surface ensures that water-soluble scaling can be washed away by a simple dilution wash, eliminating the need for time-consuming and costly outages for cleaning.
Cleanest condensates
Highly efficient condensate segregation in the evaporator ducts and lamellas, plus the integrated stripping of foul condensate fractions, produce clean and re-usable water.


Name Pillow plate series Shell and tube heat exchanger Detachable plate heat exchanger Spiral plate heat exchanger
Operating temperature range <800℃ <800℃ <170℃ <350℃
Maximum pressure <60 bar <200 bar <32 bar <25 bar
Heat transfer coefficient to water[W/m2·℃] 3500 2700 5600 2000
Application of air and water heat exchange fit fit not fit Partial fit
Immersion in tank or water fit Partial fit not fit not fit
Welding of tank and reactor Applicable not applicable not applicable not applicable
Install into the existing reactor and other equipment Flexible application Partial applicable not applicable not applicable
All welded construction Applicable Applicable not applicable not applicable
Heavily contaminated liquids and other applications Applicable Applicable Partial Applicable Applicable
Weight per unit area low high low high
Falling film, condenser and evaporator fit fit Partial fit Partial fit


Working drawing

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